Newborn Session  |  From £125.00

- For up to a full day

Newborn baby photography sessions take place ideally in the first three weeks of life although, if the baby is healthy and mum is doing well, we like to photograph in the first week if possible. This is a unique and special time; when your baby is still so tiny and angelic, curled up and sleepy. Newborn photography can capture the innocence and beauty in those brief first days. But this phase does not last.

Newborn photography, in its purest sense, will no longer be possible after a few weeks. The changes in your baby will be substantial and those precious ‘newborn’ moments will be gone. 

Your newborn session will usually last between 3-5 hours within the comfort of our home based studio. Our photography style is simple, classic and organic looking. Although we use simple props in some of our photographs, we believe that the focus should be on the newborn itself — capturing the unique character and attributes of your baby above all else. 

Bookings for newborn photography should be made as far in advance as possible, and ideally three months at least before your baby’s birth. This is in order to ensure that you secure your preferred date as we get booked up quickly. Be sure not to miss out, you only get one chance. 

We schedule your session initially based on your anticipated due date. Then, as soon as your baby is born, we can either confirm or reschedule the session as necessary. For this reason, once booked in for a shoot, please ensure to contact us as soon as possible after your baby’s birth so that we can have you in during those precious first three weeks. 

If you have just had your baby and don’t already have a booking, please contact me still as I will always do what I can to try and get you in in those crucial first three weeks.