Cake Smash  |  From £45.00

- 1 Hour Shoot

What could be more fun for your baby than smashing up a huge, colourful cake to celebrate turning one?! While it’s not something you probably encourage at home, during a Cake Smash shoot the more mess the better! 

We will capture your baby having a lot of fun delving into their cake and making a huge mess! Kids love it and the photos are a fun alternative to a more formal photoshoot. Plus, we clear up afterwards! So your baby can have all the fun and you don’t have to deal with any of the mess. 

The price for a one hour shoot INCLUDES a 10 x8" professional print from the session.

I can recommend a bakery in Sheffield called cupcakes by two pink hearts for the cake or giant cupcake, they will also deliver the cake to me on the day of the shoot or the day before. They do the most amazing cakes that not only look awesome on your photos but if there's any left over after the shoot I can promise you won't be disappointed!