Do all babies sleep through their newborn photoshoot?

The newborn stage is typically when babies sleep for more of the day than they are awake.

In the first two weeks or so after birth, babies can even sleep for up to 18 hours per day. Amazing, isn’t it!

So, you’d think that all the babies that come to me as just-born babies for their newborn photoshoots would be sleeping all through their sessions, right?

Well, wrong!

Not all babies sleep during their newborn photoshoot! So, occasionally I have the pleasure of seeing the gorgeous little bundles of joy who visit me wide awake and doey eyed, taking a good look around them.

Wide-eyed baby portraits

Here, I’ve rounded up just some of the adorable baby portraits I’ve taken for my clients recently that show the baby wide awake.

Take this as proof that not all babies sleep through their newborn photoshoot and that that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


These curious little guys and girls obviously just want to know what’s going on, and it’s wonderful when that happens! It absolutely melts my heart to see their beautiful, bright eyes.

Look at baby Laurie’s intense stare in this one. She was wide awake for a good part of her session because she was nearly 5 weeks old and past the sleepy newborn stage. How gorgeous is this?!


Little Albert decided he was going to have some wide awake time during his session and it was so worth it! I just LOVE this shot of him.


This one of beautiful baby Millie has to be one of my all-time favourite shots! Look at those wide open eyes and smile.

She was looking directly at me as I photographed her. Absolutely gorgeous!


I really do love a wide awake shot. This is little Mika. How beautiful is she?


Smiling babies are the cutest!

Sometimes I even get a lovely smile to photograph!

This little lady, Poppy was very obliging. As she was five weeks old, her mummy had told me that she was usually wide awake for most of the day.

But during her photoshoot, she slept like a little star and we managed to do all the sleeping baby poses successfully.

Then she gave us loads of awesome smiles as well! What a gorgeous little girl. And I just love her eyelashes!


Did your little one sleep through their newborn photoshoot? Perhaps they even cracked a smile? Do let me know in the comments!

Bookings being taken for 2018

The baby boom continues here at Bundles of Joy Photography. I have been so blessed to have had a really busy summer and to have been visited by so many gorgeous new babies and their lovely mummies and daddies.

If you are expecting a baby in 2018 and would like to book in for a newborn photoshoot of your own, please contact me as soon as possible to secure your date. 

Please contact me on 07973 939 522, email me at or complete this contact form.

I have a limited number of slots available for Autumn and Winter 2017 now – please enquire ASAP if you’re looking for something in the next few months.

Georgina xx

Newborn Photography: Babies dressed to impress!

In your search to find a newborn photographer, you will have perhaps noticed something about newborn photography. And that is that newborn babies are usually photographed naked in a professional newborn photoshoot.

That’s so that the gorgeous soft, wrinkly skin of the baby and their small bodies, all curled up as they were in the womb, are on full show in the pictures.

But if you’re not a fan of the ‘naked baby’ photos, don’t be put off newborn photography altogether. There are options!

Dressed to impress!

For example, not all the newborn portraits I take have the baby undressed.

Far from it! In fact, personally, I love dressing my ‘bundles of joy’ clients up into little outfits!

And in this blog, I’m including lots of examples of my newborn photography work – all of which feature babies wearing newborn outfits.

The teeny tiny little clothes or accessories cover the baby’s modesty while still being beautiful newborn portraits that their parents have absolutely adored.  


Newborn outfits and accessories

If I’m honest, I’ve got a huge selection of newborn-sized clothes. So, when you come to me, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Miniature vintage rompers, cashmere all-in-ones and delicate lacy vests to name just a few. And that’s without all the gorgeous little accessories like hats, headbands and blankets that I have either bought or made over the years!

Traditional newborn photography

Yes, newborn photography is traditionally done with the baby undressed. While the baby’s modesty is always maintained, most photographers do take the majority of their baby portraits with the baby naked.

But if you’re not a fan of the naked baby photos but do still want adorable newborn portraits of your own little bundle of joy, when he or she arrives, I can create images like these for you too.

If you’d like to look at more examples of my newborn portraits, please pop over to my gallery where you can find more of my work.

And if you’ve yet to book your newborn photoshoot, please contact me as soon as possible on 07973 939 522, email me at or complete this contact form to secure your slot.


Thanks for reading,

Georgina xx

Newborn Portraits in Summer Colours

I’ve been really busy at the Bundles of Joy Photography studio recently, taking photographs of many gorgeous little ones who have been born in the last few weeks. 

With summer finally here, it’s been a real pleasure to dig out the summery coloured backdrops and wraps from my store room. I’ve been using them in my latest newborn portraits and some examples, I include here.

Don’t these late spring/early summer babies all look utterly gorgeous with these lovely seasonal colours?

Newborn portraits for your walls at home

A key thing to realise is that once you have had your newborn photo session with me, you’ll likely want to buy prints or framed products so that you can hang them on your walls at home. 

Whether they are to be hung in your baby’s nursery or in your living areas, the photos look best if they complement your colour scheme. 

Which is why, among other things, I always discuss with my clients to which colours they may want me to include in their baby’s newborn portraits. 

Get inspiration from my newborn portrait galleries

I encourage all my clients to view my galleries to see examples of my work beforehand and to take note of any particular images that they love and would want for themselves. That way, you can tell me if there are any particular images or poses that you would like me to create during your own baby’s photoshoot. 

Choosing colours for your newborn photoshoot

And I always discuss with parents what colours they would like me to use. 

I have a HUGE collection of backdrops, props and accessories including wraps, so there are tonnes of options to choose from! But to save you from feeling overwhelmed, I like to discuss your preferred colours in advance – either let me know by email in advance, or we can chat about it on the morning of your photoshoot.  

Then, once I’ve gathered all the most relevant coloured props and wraps, we can start creating the photographs as soon as your baby is settled and sleeping away peacefully. 

Some parents have set ideas about the colours they want me to use. They may have a particular love of dusky pinks, creamy neutrals, soft yellows, baby blues, or fresh mint and greys. Whatever their preference, I can create images to suit. 

Other parents are less specific and are happy for me to take photos using a variety of colour schemes. In this instance, I use the colours and combinations I know that work well and that has proved really popular with clients in the past. 

Examples of my newborn portraits

So, what I hope you’ve taken from this blog today is that if you’re coming to me for a newborn shoot soon, do spend some time having a think about what colours would work well in your home. 

The examples I’ve included in this blog hopefully have given you some inspiration on the colour combinations that are possible. 

It really is worthwhile considering how the colours we use during your photoshoot could be tailored to complement your colour scheme or to match the season in which your baby has been born. 

A bit of thought and pre-planning will help to give your newborn portraits the extra WOW factor!

See you at your photoshoot very soon! 

If you’ve yet to book, please contact me on 07973 939 522, email me at or complete this contact form. 

Georgina xx

Are you attending the Baby Show in Birmingham?

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Arbonne - Amazing skincare for your baby and you.

Today, I would like to tell you about my new business, Arbonne, which I will be running alongside my photography business. 

It started when I met Sue Cobb and Yvonne Igweh at the NEC Baby Show back in May last year.

Helping the LittleBigSouls Charity

Arbonne is in partnership with the LittleBigSouls charity (the voice for the Premature Baby).

How it works is that anyone who buys the products and/or would like to earn a second income from recommending the products (through the Arbonne Business Opportunity) is directly helping the LittleBigSouls charity.

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About Arbonne


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