Do all babies sleep through their newborn photoshoot?

The newborn stage is typically when babies sleep for more of the day than they are awake.

In the first two weeks or so after birth, babies can even sleep for up to 18 hours per day. Amazing, isn’t it!

So, you’d think that all the babies that come to me as just-born babies for their newborn photoshoots would be sleeping all through their sessions, right?

Well, wrong!

Not all babies sleep during their newborn photoshoot! So, occasionally I have the pleasure of seeing the gorgeous little bundles of joy who visit me wide awake and doey eyed, taking a good look around them.

Wide-eyed baby portraits

Here, I’ve rounded up just some of the adorable baby portraits I’ve taken for my clients recently that show the baby wide awake.

Take this as proof that not all babies sleep through their newborn photoshoot and that that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


These curious little guys and girls obviously just want to know what’s going on, and it’s wonderful when that happens! It absolutely melts my heart to see their beautiful, bright eyes.

Look at baby Laurie’s intense stare in this one. She was wide awake for a good part of her session because she was nearly 5 weeks old and past the sleepy newborn stage. How gorgeous is this?!


Little Albert decided he was going to have some wide awake time during his session and it was so worth it! I just LOVE this shot of him.


This one of beautiful baby Millie has to be one of my all-time favourite shots! Look at those wide open eyes and smile.

She was looking directly at me as I photographed her. Absolutely gorgeous!


I really do love a wide awake shot. This is little Mika. How beautiful is she?


Smiling babies are the cutest!

Sometimes I even get a lovely smile to photograph!

This little lady, Poppy was very obliging. As she was five weeks old, her mummy had told me that she was usually wide awake for most of the day.

But during her photoshoot, she slept like a little star and we managed to do all the sleeping baby poses successfully.

Then she gave us loads of awesome smiles as well! What a gorgeous little girl. And I just love her eyelashes!


Did your little one sleep through their newborn photoshoot? Perhaps they even cracked a smile? Do let me know in the comments!

Bookings being taken for 2018

The baby boom continues here at Bundles of Joy Photography. I have been so blessed to have had a really busy summer and to have been visited by so many gorgeous new babies and their lovely mummies and daddies.

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