Three places to visit in the Peak District

If you didn’t already know, the Bundles of Joy Photography HQ is in Froggatt, in Hope Valley (see the map on our Contact page for our exact location).

It’s a beautiful part of the U.K. and there are loads of places to visit in the Peak District.

It’s the perfect place to get out and about in the great outdoors, since there’s so much to do, like riding, cycling and walking. Or it's equally great if you’re after a beautiful location and a spot of low-intensity sight-seeing.


Personally, I just love living and working here.

The Peak District is stunningly beautiful all year round. So, if you’ve never made a trip here, I highly recommend you get it on your 2018 to-do list!

Travelling to the Peak District?

Many of our newborn portrait photography clients, who aren’t from the local area, choose to make their trip up to us and then spend some time here.

A sort of mini holiday or ‘baby moon’.

And because they’re new to the area, they’re often asking me and my assistant Sue (who’s my mum by the way) where they should visit.

Georgina (left) and Sue (right) of Bundles of Joy Photography

Georgina (left) and Sue (right) of Bundles of Joy Photography

So, with this in mind, I wanted to list a few of the not-to-be-missed attractions in the Peak District in case this is also useful to you.

Why not plan a ‘baby moon’ in the Peak District?

Perhaps you’re considering booking your newborn photoshoot with us and are out of the area?

Well, if so, why not do as many of my other clients do? Make the trip here part of a short break and see the very best of what the area has to offer?

Make it an overnight stop or stay for a few days – whatever suits you best.

Newborn portraits by Bundles of Joy Photography

Newborn portraits by Bundles of Joy Photography

If you’re first time parents, with a new baby in tow, it will be your first family holiday. And a great way to start your new life as a family of three!

The clean fresh air will do the baby a lot of good, and you can enjoy yourself altogether, away without the constant visits from friends and relatives.

And you can eat out or get a takeaway – no need to wash up or clean the house – sounds perfect to me!

My top three places to visit in the Peak District

If you do decide to explore the local area when you visit me for your newborn photoshoot, here are my recommendations for places to visit in the Peak District:

1.       Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House is a lavish stately home in Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1PP. It has 30 rooms for you to explore as well as 105 acres of stunning gardens, and a farmyard and adventure playground. Definitely on the must-visit list if you're coming to this area!

To find out more visit

2.       Froggatt & Curber Edge

The Froggatt and Curber Edge walk is a circular route through a beautiful part of the Peak District, which returns along the River Derwent. If you like walking, don’t miss this!

To find out more visit

Photo by Grant Richie

Photo by Grant Richie

3.       Bakewell

Bakewell is a small market town, made famous by the delicious Bakewell pudding that originates from here. Be sure to try one and take some home with you when you visit!

Bakewell is located alongside the River Wye and is full of beautiful traditional stone buildings. If you’re visiting on a Monday don’t miss the markets in the town centre, which includes a livestock market.

And since all that sight-seeing is likely to be thirsty work, I thought I’d also list a couple of my favourite watering holes!

1.       Public House: The Moon Inn in Stony Middleton

The Moon Inn is a traditional country pub, surrounded by the stunning countryside of the Peak District. And one of my favourites in the area.

It serves locally-sourced home-cooked food, fine wines, real ales and over 50 specialist gins! As well as being a pub, there are also five luxury en-suite rooms, so it’s a good option for an overnight stay too.

To find out more visit

2.       Public House: The Devonshire Arms in Baslow

This is another great pub which also has 11 rooms so could accommodate you overnight. It’s located on the doorstep of Chatsworth House and serves great food.

To find out more visit

So, I hope that’s useful!

And if you do decide to make a trip to the local area after your newborn photoshoot, be sure to ask Sue and I for more tips when you get here.

There are too many beautiful places to list, but we’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction if you’re after an unforgettable first family holiday!


In the meantime, you can get further inspiration and details of places to visit in the Peak District from the Visit the Peak District website.

You can book your newborn photoshoot with me by calling 07973 939 522, emailing me at or by completing this contact form.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you!

Georgina xx

10 questions to ask when choosing a newborn photographer

If you’re in the market for choosing a newborn photographer, this blog post is for you. 

I’m going to be giving you a heads up on what you should be considering when you're shopping around for the perfect newborn photographer. 

There are several questions you should be asking every photographer you are considering. And it’s important to ask these questions ahead of booking your newborn baby photoshoot so that you can be sure to choose the right newborn photographer for you and your family. 

Choosing a newborn photographer

Selecting a newborn photographer should be something you focus on fairly early in your pregnancy. 

I recommend making a booking around the time of your 20 week scan if not before. If you book late, you run the risk of your photographer of choice not having availability, so book a provisional date early to secure your slot!

It should be an enjoyable decision process. Yet, there are many things to consider and many decisions to be made, so it could easily become overwhelming. 

Because every photographer is different, it is important to ask plenty of questions as you are reviewing your options and trying to decide on which photographer to choose. 

My aim in this blog is to share with you some important insights based on my years of experience as a specialist in newborn photography. 

Ten TIPS ON HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR newborn photographer

The questions I suggest that you ask are important. They will help to ensure you are as informed as possible about the photographers you are considering. You will then be able to choose between them more easily.

My advice to you is make sure you ask these questions of everyone you are considering, before you commit to a booking. 

And by the way, newborn photographers are not necessarily female. I know several male photographers who are phenomenal at what they do.

1. Research the market

It is potentially quite easy for parents to be fooled into thinking that all newborn photographers are created equal. Let me assure you, they are not! 

The newborn photography industry here in the UK is currently unregulated. That means that there is no specific qualification that a newborn photographer must obtain before they can start offering the service. 

So, in theory, even a novice photographer, with zero experience of handling babies, could potentially setup shop and market themselves as a newborn photographer! This is very worrying but, unfortunately, happens a lot. I’ve heard horror stories of things that have gone wrong in newborn sessions, when babies are put in the hands of inexperienced and untrained photographers.  

Without the right professional training, a photographer could put your baby at risk. So I urge you to be vigilant and only use a reputable, experienced and professionally trained photographer. 

If you don’t have a personal recommendation from someone you trust, do your own extensive research before you commit to a booking. 

Spend the time exploring the market to find a photographer who can demonstrate a track record of satisfied customers and high standards of professionalism. 

  • Review their website and social media presence
  • Look for comments and feedback from recent customers and see how they interact online.
  • Do they seem positive, passionate about what they do, and good with people?
  • Contact them directly and ask questions.
  • All this will give you some idea of the kind of person they are and give you an impression of how they conduct themselves and their business. 

2. Beware of cut price photographers

PLEASE don’t be tempted to cut corners by taking on anyone who doesn’t do photography professionally, as their main job, or who offers incredibly cheap prices. 

I believe that you get what you pay for in this life. If someone proclaims to offer a newborn session including photos for as little as £50, alarm bells should start ringing in your head!

Choose a professional photographer and someone who is a specialist in newborn photography. If someone is good at their job, and in demand, their prices will reflect that. Cut-price photographers are likely to offer a second-grade service. Would you want to settle for that?

3. Ask, are they professionally trained and experienced? 

Don’t be afraid to ask a photographer about the professional newborn training that they have had. 

While there are no qualifications in newborn photography as such, any newborn photographer worth their salt will have been safety trained before they set up their business. So they should be able to talk convincingly about the specific training they have completed and the safe practices that they adhere to in order to ensure a baby’s safety during photoshoots.

Equally important is experience. An experienced newborn photographer will be very comfortable handling babies (and twins or triplets!). They will have worked with tens, if not hundreds of babies, and so will know how to safely and comfortably pose your baby, and techniques to soothe even the most unsettled newborn. You may even be surprised at how easily they can lull your baby to sleep! 

4. How do they create complex baby poses? 

Experienced and professional newborn photographers will be able to provide examples of how they create complex baby poses that seem to defy gravity, like the one below. 

They should be pleased to discuss with you how they safely handle babies and how they can create any specific poses that you are after.


Hint – images like the one above should be created digitally. This is an example of a ‘composite’ image, produced by combining one or more photos.  

Please be aware:

  • No photographer should ever force your baby into positions which make them uncomfortable or put them in danger. 
  • No baby should ever be expected to support the weight of its own head or body, be suspended from a height or put in a basket or box which could potentially topple over. 
  • The baby should be relaxed and comfortable at all times, and 100% safe. 

5. Do they have an assistant or ‘spotter’?

Ask each photographer if they have an assistant to help out during the photoshoots, to provide crucial support to the baby during posing and photographing. While not all photographers have an assistant, there is always the need for a second pair of hands at some point during a photoshoot. 

If they don’t have an assistant, who will help out? You, the parent? 

If this is the case, make sure you are comfortable with assisting in the shoot. If you would rather not, the solution is simple: choose a photographer who has their own assistant. 

You may find the experience more enjoyable if you are able to relax and watch, rather than have to play an active part yourself. 

6. What age of baby do they prefer working with?

It’s critical to establish if the photographer you are considering has a preference in regards to the age of the baby. 

This may sound silly as we are talking about newborn babies aren’t we?! Yet, some photographers may well have a preference since after the initial couple of weeks after birth, babies start to sleep less and begin to stretch out more. 

So, some photographers prefer babies to be aged under two weeks old in order to get the curled up baby poses that are so popular. Others will happily have babies in much older than this, sometimes up to 8 weeks old, although probably under the proviso that these shots may not be possible. 

Is your photographer also comfortable working with premature babies, who may be significantly smaller than the average newborn? You won’t necessarily know if this is going to be important in your case until after the birth, but it’s a good question to ask just in case.  

7. The photoshoot setting

Will the photographer come to your home or will you need to visit their photography studio? If the latter, check in advance what the photo studio is like. Review photos on the photographer’s website or, if it’s local to you, perhaps even ask to arrange an appointment to visit in advance. 

Photographers understand that the setting for a newborn shoot is very important. It should be relaxed, warm (the baby will be naked a lot of time) and welcoming. Will you and the baby be comfortable there? You’ll likely be there for several hours or more. 

There are also logistical considerations: 

  • Where is the studio based and what distance will you need to travel?
  • Do you know the way and how long it will take to get there? Always factor in extra time to allow for traffic – it’s far better to arrive early rather than late. 
  • Is there parking on site or nearby? 
  • How easy is the studio to access (you’ll be carrying baby in a car seat or will have a pushchair, no doubt)? 
  • If it’s not the ground floor, is there a lift you can use? 
  • And inside, is it clean and organised? 
  • Is there comfy seating for parents and any other family members who are coming along?
  • Are siblings welcome and, if so, are there any child-friendly facilities available?
  • Are refreshments included? 
  • What baby changing and feeding facilities are there? 

8. Manage expectations

You may have seen examples of newborn photos that you would love a photographer to create with your baby. Make sure you discuss this ahead of the shoot to align expectations. Will your photographer be able to create that specific pose, or not?

Also ask about whether you need to buy and bring any of your own props, or whether this is included in the shoot. Most photographers do have an extensive range of wraps, teddies, headbands etc. but this is worth checking in advance. 

Are you also welcome to bring in your own props? You may have a family heirloom or sentimental item that you want included in your photos. Is your photographer happy to incorporate this into the photos? Similarly, if you would rather the photos did not make use of props, do say in advance. 

Most photographers will likely aim to create a number of different setups throughout the shoot so there will be plenty of images for you to choose from afterwards, but if you have a preference in regards to styling and colours, do make this known ahead of the session to make sure they will deliver what you hope. 

An example of just some of the images from Rhys's shoot...

An example of just some of the images from Rhys's shoot...

9. Newborn photography fees

Do also consider the photographer’s studio fees and the cost of their photo products. Prices can vary a lot so be sure that the photographer you pick has prices that you can afford. 

Many photographers charge a session fee, but please note that the photos are charged in addition to this. You should expect to pay a couple of hundred pounds as a minimum with most high-quality newborn photographers if you want to have several images to take home and print for your walls. 

Do also establish if there is a minimum spend required, and are you comfortable with potentially spending more than this? You may well fall in love with your photos once you see them all! 

10. Availability and the importance of booking early

Popular newborn photographers get booked up months in advance.

Don’t fall into the trap of identifying the perfect photographer only to discover that they have no availability in the weeks after the birth of your baby.

As I said previously, book early to avoid disappointment – as soon as you’ve had your 20 week scan ideally, if not before. 

Although if you are late booking, do still call to enquire about their availability - they may be able to squeeze you in if you're lucky!

Final thoughts on what to consider when choosing a newborn photographer

These are ten important factors that I urge you to give good consideration to before choosing your newborn photographer.

Only then can you be sure that your photographer will deliver the quality of experience that you desire and that your new baby deserves, and photos that you will treasure for a lifetime. 

Should you wish to choose Bundles of Joy Photography I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me at any time on 07973 939 522, email me at or complete the form on my contact page:

Georgina x

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We are so pleased with our write up in the Matlock Mercury. We have come such a long way since starting the business only 2.5 years ago and all the hard work has really paid off. I just love seeing my clients faces when they come to see their photos, it's such a buzz seeing how happy it makes them!!

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