Exciting international photography award news for Bundles of Joy Photography team!

Hello! Today I have some great news to share with you. Sue and I are really excited about this one, and we hope you will be too. 

We know our photography is high quality. After looking around our website for examples of our work, we’d hope that you’d agree?

We’ve trained with the best professionals in our specific niche of newborn photography. 

Our photos have been published in the media and liked on social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, by people around the world. 

Our clients are our biggest fans and they love putting up the portraits we have taken of their babies on their walls at home. 

But something we haven’t done a lot of in the past is enter our photography into national competitions. Until now…

Well, without further delay… 

The news I’m desperate to share with you is that at the weekend I was awarded membership of the Guild of Photographers‘ 'Photographers Bar'.

What on earth is that you may be wondering! Well, stick with me and I will explain.   

Put simply, the 'Photographers Bar' is a huge vote of confidence in our photography. 

It’s a photography award recognising our newborn photography. 

The Guild of Photographers is a membership organisation Bundles of Joy Photography joined last year. Professional photographers like me enter their monthly competitions, and international judges award prizes. Only the very best of the approximately 1000 submissions each month are given a photography award – of either Bronze, Silver or Gold. 

At the end of each year the judges at the Guild present photography awards to those who have demonstrated “exceptional level of professional skill and consistency” throughout that full year.

Well, now, that’s me!!! 

The Guild has loved the newborn baby portraits that I have submitted to their competitions in the past year and as a result, have welcomed me to be a member of the 'Photographers Bar'.

one of my silver bar images

It’s very difficult to achieve - in fact less than 100 photographers have achieved it in the 3 years since it was started. In that time The Guild tells me that over 30,000 images have been entered for assessment by photographers across the UK and from overseas.

Here’s what Lesley Thirsk, a Director of The Guild said about my photography award: "I am delighted for Georgina of Bundles of Joy Photography as this is a great achievement! Submitting and having images assessed every month for a year and reaching the required standards to become a member of the Photographers Bar is very, very demanding. It illustrates her commitment, skill and consistency. She should be very proud of what she has achieved!"

So, yep! This weekend Sue and I are celebrating our success! 

I hope you’ll maybe lift a glass for us too, and feel confident knowing that if you have chosen us as your newborn photographers, then you have made an award-winning choice!


Georgina x