What's in store on the Bundles of Joy Photography blog

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Georgina and together with my mum, Sue, we are Bundles of Joy Photography

Georgina & Sue

Georgina & Sue

We are professional portrait photographers specialising in newborn photography. We create stunning portraits of babies who are usually less than two weeks old. 

I must admit, I’ve had a blog for some time now, but haven’t been very good at posting consistently and that’s something I’m hoping to change in 2016. 

So, this is my first blog post for 2016 and I’m planning for more to follow on a regular basis (so keep checking back!)  

Content to help and inspire you

The reason I want to start blogging more this year is that I realised I was missing a trick.

My blog is a perfect place for me to share information and my expertise with expectant parents, like you, that could prove useful if you are thinking of booking a newborn photographer. 

I want to help you, to guide you through the process of working with a newborn photographer, and most of all, to give you a valuable resource which you’ll want to keep coming back to. 

I‘ve worked in this business for years now and have photographed literally hundreds of newborn babies. And I’ve met hundreds of mums, dads and families, just like you. Over the course of the time I work for my clients I am often asked questions that are largely similar to those I have been asked by others before.  

There is a common theme to the types of things my clients want to know about newborn photography. 

So….I’m hoping that this blog, in the posts I will write over the coming year, will help to answer your questions and to allay any concerns that you may have. 

I’m also hoping to give you more of an insight into me and how I work so that you get to know me better. Plus, I’ll be hoping to inspire you. I’ll be sharing, for your enjoyment, lots of gorgeous photos of newborn babies who I have had the pleasure to have in my photography studio.  

I understand that you may be hiring a professional photographer for the very first time. That you may have concerns about handing over your newborn baby to a stranger, that you may be looking for information about what is involved in a newborn photoshoot, and that you want to be reassured that I will handle your baby safely. 

Information about this and much more will be featured on this blog in the coming months. So watch this space!

In the mean time, you can find out what makes us unique and see some of our baby portraits and read testimonials from past clients.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Georgina x