Matilda Jayne Cressey | 5lb 8.5oz

Born 17th March 2015

Meet Matilda and her gorgeous big brother Henry who was so proud. Not only was Matilda an absolute dream to work with but Henry at only 2 years old was the most well behaved little boy ever!! The first thing he did when he came into the studio was offer me a raisin, well I just melted … aren't they both so gorgeous!! Matilda did every pose so beautifully, SHE ROCKED!! :)

Read what Matilda's mum had to say below...

I came across Bundles of Joy by Georgina on Instagram after seeing a friend had liked one of the photographs. I instantly loved the pictures and thought how beautiful they were. I was pregnant at the time and after seeing the photographs, followed the account on instagram,  loving each photo that was uploaded. 

I hadn't really considered getting any photographs taken, and with the surprise arrival of Matilda 2.5 weeks early I definitely thought I'd missed my opportunity. For a few days I thought about it and then when Matilda was 7 days old I made a web enquiry, thinking I was already too late. Georgina replied to my enquiry promptly and reassured me I wasn't too late, telling me she photographed newborns up to 3 weeks old. She gave me details of available shoot times and an outline of costs. Despite my initial thoughts of it being expensive, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to get some beautiful photographs of my new baby. I managed to get her shoot booked  for when Matilda was just over two weeks old. 

On the day of the shoot we arrived slightly early and were warmly welcomed. I sat down to feed Matilda and send her into a milky slumber ready for her photoshoot. I also took along my little boy, hoping to get a photo of them together too. He was put at ease by Georgina and her mum straight away and not at all shy, he even offeed them some of his raisins! Georgina then set to work with Matilda, placing her into the various poses. I was completely at ease whilst they positioned and photographed my newborn baby. Matilda looked like an angel as she was placed into various poses. As the shoot neared it's end, Henry was asked to pose for a few photographs too. He listened carefully and intently to what Georgina told him to do, and posed for a few photographs. I watched more closely as these final photographs were taken and got excited at seeing the results. 

On the day of the viewing two weeks later I felt a little nervous, worried I might not like the results of the shoot. Georgina played the photographs as a sideshow with a beautiful song in the background. I held back the tears as I saw every photograph, until the last photograph of Henry and Matilda together... I cried! They were such beautiful photographs,  I had absolutely nothing to be nervous about! I cannot wait to get my selection of chosen photographs printed out and put on display! 

I am so pleased I made the enquiry and have this opportunity to get such fabulous photographs. Georgina has captured my children beautifully, I couldn't be happier!  Thank you x

Laura x