ABC Arbonne Baby Care

Arbonne is in partnership with the LittleBigSouls charity  (the voice for the Premature Baby) and how it works is that anyone who buys the products and/or would like to earn a second income from recommending the products (through the Arbonne Business Opportunity) is directly helping the LittleBigSouls charity, as my Business Partner Yvonne Igweh  donates all the income she earns from her Arbonne Business, directly to the charity.

Did you know?

A baby’s skin is more delicate and fragile than our own. A baby’s skin is thinner and continues to develop through the first year of life, making it more vulnerable to irritants. Skin acts as a protective barrier, the first line of defense against outside organisms, toxins, irritants and allergens. Therefore, a baby’s skin is more sensitive and needs gentle products to deliver gentle care.


Many baby care products on the market contain arti cial fragrances, dyes, and other chemical ingredients that can irritate a baby’s skin. In addition, other products often contain harsh cleansing agents or surfactants that can penetrate deep into the skin and be absorbed by the body. 

The collection includes:

  • Hair & Body Wash
  • Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF 30
  •  Body Lotion
  •  Nappy Cream
  •  ABC Arbonne Baby Care Set


  • The products are developed with the nest, most gentle ingredients for ultra-delicate skin and hair to meet our strict Ingredient Policy.
  • Products have been pediatrician, dermatologist and parent tested to ensure that they meet expectations and deliver results.
  • Products soothe, moisturise and cleanse a baby or child’s delicate skin.
  •  Products protect sensitive skin from sun damage or environmental irritants that can cause dry skin.
  •  Products help avoid common skin irritations from allergies to environmental factors, arti cial fragrances or chemical agents found in other popular baby care products.
  • The cleansing agents are vegetable derived surfactants, so they are mild, gentle and can be washed off the skin.